Antonio Janigro
ANTONIO JANIGRO (1918 - 1989), cellist, conductor and teacher, was one of the greatest European musicians of the twentieth century. He studied at the Milan Conservatory and Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris. While still a student, he embarked on a soloist career that was to take him to many of the world's music centers; he performed with prominent orchestras and renowned conductors, worked with pianists Carlo Zecchi, Paul Badura-Skoda and Dinu Lipatti.

In 1939 he came to Zagreb where he taught for a number of years at the Beethoven Music School, Academy of Music in Zagreb, conducted the Zagreb Radio and Television Chamber Orchestra (today Croatian Radio and Television) and founded the Zagreb Soloists Ensemble. After almost thirty years in Croatia, he moved to Milan where he conducted the Angelicum Ensemble.

This was followed by engagements in Saarbrucke,n where he conducted the Chamber Radio Orchestra, and in Dusseldorf, where he taught at the Robert Schumann Conservatory for several years. In Salzburg he conducted the Camerata Accademica Ensemble and taught master classes at the Mozarteum, as well as in Portugal, Great Britain and Canada. In Turin he gave master classes within the Musical Encounters series.
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